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Ice Mavericks Player Development Model

At the Ice Mavericks program we believe that aside from a player's physical and mental health, the most important thing we can do for our players is to provide them with an experienced coaching staff, elite level training, a cutting edge player road development, and a culture that is rooted in honesty and family. As the Ice Mavericks program continues to become an industry leader, we are proud to say that our staff has over 150 years of combined coaching and operating experience at the CHL, USHL, NAHL, CJHL, NCDC, NCAA, CIS, and professional levels. As a result, the Ice Mavericks program is provides our players with a superior development program in youth hockey, thereby, allowing our players to have every opportunity to achieve their hockey ambitions.

The Development Road Map to Success

The Ice Mavericks road map to success has been developed to help our players best understand all that goes into becoming an elite level athlete. Here at the Ice Mavericks program we understand that not one size fits all, and because of that, we have set guidelines for our staff and players to follow understanding that every player may need something a little bit different to best meet their needs. It is very important to our staff to know exactly who our players are, how they learn, and what their hockey goals are. Due to this, all Ice Mavericks players will arrive in mid August for training camp where our players will participate in series of off ice testing including a DISC assessment, coaches interviews, and culture building exercises before ever stepping onto the ice. The reason that we do this is that we want our players and coaches to have a compressive understanding of one another so that everyone's expectations are understood and accountability is maintained. The result of doing this is that our coaches will be able to help our players maximize their training and help them meet their goals while establishing our family culture.

The largest part of the Ice Mavericks development model is rooted in our on ice and off ice training. Starting in training camp, our players will skate twice a day between a team practice and a skill session where our coaches will focus on individual and team development. In addition, our players will train in the gym daily. Our players will focus on weight, agility, cardio, yoga, and mix marital arts / boxing training with certified trainers. This training regiment will continue weekly throughout the duration of the season except during extensive travel weekends. To make up for lost training time during the travel weekends, we have set aside a couple of training weekends throughout the season where we will not play games. These additional practices will provide further development and give our players time for rest and recovery. On top of physical training, the Ice Mavericks program understands the importance of video training as our young players have grown up on tablets and phones. As such, the Ice Mavericks have a fully dedicated video room where our coaches can work with our players by watching their game film to help them better understand and improve their game. Lastly, our players will learn about the importance of nutrition and hydration as it is key part of the athlete's over all success. Over the course of the season, our players will have 400+ training hours where they will have every opportunity possible to master their craft.

Aside from training at the highest level, here at the Ice Mavericks we understand that playing against the top competition is very important to our player's development as it directly correlates with exposure to those at the next level. The Ice Mavericks will play one of the most competitive schedules that youth hockey has to offer, thus putting our players in a position to be seen every game. As an added bonus to our players, the Ice Mavericks program has affiliated with a number of high level Junior programs that will allow our players direct access to the next level. As a result, our training and off weekends will serve as Call Up Weekends where our players will have the ability to practice and potentially play with these teams and/or with the team that you are drafted / tendered too.

To round out the player development road map for success, it is important to the Ice Mavericks program that our players and their families understand that development as a whole is a process. A process that will take time and should be hard, but also, rewarding, and most of all, fun. Through out our player's journey, it is the Ice Mavericks commitment to help our players down the road just as our staff has helped hundreds of players walk down the same road that you are about to.

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